A Terrifying Halloween to you,

You'll be quaking in your boots tonight;
Hope you get the fright of your life,
Chased by ghouls in the eerie moonlight!

There'll be ghosts and witches everywhere,
In packs, carrying jack-o'-lanterns;
Monsters and ghosts jumping out at you,
Green-faced and red-eyed phantoms!

And that's just the trick or treaters,
Out in gangs making mischief;
Make sure you've got plenty treats to hand,
Else they'll cause you some proper grief!

You'll get bog roll strewn around your garden,
Your windows smeared with green slimy eggs,
Maybe some dog muck through your letter box,
You're bound to be shitting in your kegs!

If you venture out to a party,
Do get spooked and have lots of fun,
Telling ghost stories through the night,
'Til the rising of tomorrow's sun!

But if you play apple bobbing,
Make sure there's no fiends around,
Waiting to push your head in,
Else you'll end up being drowned!

With the devil's hounds a-howling,
Giant spiders will be sailing through the door;
A scary Halloween to remember,
Filled with lots of bloody gore!


Framed flower blue

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