It's Spring in the Northern hemisphere,

And Autumn in the South;
Today is Earth Day Twenty Eighteen,
Stuff an Easter Egg in your mouth!

But don't forget to recycle,
All the cardboard it was packaged in;
Or you might get lynched by some green warriors,
Who'll make you put it in your green bin!

Recycling is going on everywhere
People do it out of guilt;
Why not go a step or two further?
Start a protest where a road is being built!

Reduce ecological footprints,
Picket a giant factory or two,
Someone's got to try and save the world,
And it might as well be you!

Today is also Good Friday,
A holiday commemorating death;
It's the day Jesus Christ was crucified,
And took his last earthly breath!

Nature's way is cyclical,
Full of deaths and new beginnings;
The daffodils are already bowing their heads,
They've had a half decent innings!

The oilseed rape is in full swing,
The forget-me-nots are still in bloom,
Massive pylons tower over baby wasps,
Whose numbers are starting to boom!

Our carbon boot prints are giant,
The lawn mowers are out in full force,
But if you don't get that grass cut soon,
The dandelions will multiply in scores!

The power stations are spewing poison,
For populations in every nation!
Roll on hayfever and thunderbugs,
Happy Earth Day celebration! xxx

Framed flower blue

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