You've stuffed your face over the last two weeks,

With Christmas cake and mince pies;
Chocolates and a hundred turkey sandwiches,
And now your body has ballooned in size!

You never want to see another mince pie again,
You couldn't even take one more bite!
Your stomach is bulging right over your belt,
Your clothes are all far too tight!

Oh what the hell, the sales are still on,
Why not get a whole new wardrobe!
But just before you go down to the shops,
Just one quick word in your ear lobe!

Why not save your money instead?
Here is a much better plan:
Get back to your previous size,
Don't think you can do it? You can!!

Quick march! Left right, left right!
You and the gym, it's a date!
Park and sports centre are waiting,
Come on! You can lose that weight!

Think keeping fit is boring?
Go out dancing, give it some welly!
No spare time? Do housework extra fast,
Or aerobics while watching the tele!

There are so many ways to work up a sweat,
Just try, you'll shed pounds for sure!
Just in time for Easter,
When you can eat Easter eggs galore! xxx

Framed flower blue

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