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Friendship Poems 4 U ~ Free Friends Poem ~ by 2 Keep Forever Personalized Poetry

Here is a poem on friendship,

And how special good 'friends' are;
Someone with whom to care and share,
And wish upon a star!

With friends you can have lots of fun,
Laugh and cheer and cry,
Be yourself and act the fool,
There's no need to be shy!

A friend understands when you are stressed,
Lets you get it off your chest,
They are someone close who'll listen to you,
At your worst as well as your best!

A friend shows you friendship when you're down and out,
Not just when you've won the lottery;
They accept and love you just as you are,
Friends are the new family!

A friend does actually like you,
Not just use you for their own gain;
You can trust them to keep your secrets,
And support you when you're in pain.

They'll tell you the God's honest truth,
Not feed you a load of lies;
Share your every hope and dream,
Be there through the lows and the highs!

A real friend will tell you when your make-up has run,
Or when you've got food on your face;
They'll back you up when your in the shit,
In difficulty or disgrace!

A friend will take the trouble,
To pull a piece of fluff from your hair;
And when you're having a real bad time,
For you they will be there!

Friends do sometimes let you down
They can get on your nerves a bit;
But they don't go off with your boyfriend,
No matter how gorgeous or fit!

Friends are really ace people,
To spend time with hanging out;
And a true friend is forever,
Of that there is no doubt! xxx

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