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Today's the big day for Kim and I,
We’ve tied the knot at last!
Here are some wedding “thank you”s,
My gratitude list is vast!

First to my new parents-in-law,
Marvin and Katie-Sue;
Don’t worry I’ll take good care of Kim,
Love her our whole life through!

Thank you for bringing her up to be,
Perfect as she is today;
I’m the happiest man alive,
She’s marrying me, no way!

Thank you so much also,
For your blessings, kind support,
And enormous generosity,
In making our wedding bill nought!

I'll make sure Kim stays happy,
Now that she’s said “I do”;
Thanks to my job, at least she’ll be kept,
In the manner she’s accustomed to!

Also thanks to my Mum and Dad,
For bringing me up like you have,
Honest and hard-working,
And not too much of a chav!

To our guests thanks for being here,
We’re so glad you all came;
Without each and every one of you,
It just wouldn’t be the same!

Thank you for all your best wishes,
The amazing wedding presents;
Household gadgets, a holiday,
Even a brace of pheasants!

A great big thank you to my best man,
Derrick Anthony White;
And the ushers and other helpers,
Who have helped us get it right!

A special toast from my bride and I
To the bridesmaids and pageboys too;
It wouldn’t have been so special,
Without the twelve of you!

And now just a few quick words,
About how my bride and I met;
After exchanging glances,
Down at our local vet!

We brushed past each other at dog-training,
With Rover and Amber in tow;
They had a good sniff at each other,
While we shyly said “Hello”!

Each week our glances lingered more,
Until our eyes locked gazing;
The dog training lesson ground to a halt,
All eyebrows were a-raising!

I finally plucked up the courage,
And asked Kim out for a meal;
To a posh romantic restaurant,
Where we chatted away with zeal!

The rest as they say, is history,
Our dogs so well trained now;
They can even jump through hoops,
Sing to music and take a bow!

Here’s to our future happiness,
Some wonderful years ahead,
Me and the lady of my dreams,
I’m over the moon we are wed!

Nothing means more to me than my wife,
I’m joyous to say the least;
Kim, I love you wth all my heart,
Now lets eat the wedding feast! xxx

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