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Massages, suntan lotion,
Endless steamy hot days,
Loving under the sun with you,
Down in the Costa Del Haze!

Screaming the words to our favourite tunes,
Dancing the night away,
Larging it* in our favourite bar,
The magical True Love’s Way!

Sauntering back at four am,
Stopping at Bobby’s for chips;
Lots of romantic memories,
Wet kisses on the lips!

In a matter of just a few days,
We fell in love so quick,
That holiday feel-good factor,
Hitting our hearts like a brick!

Endless tequila slammers,
Sun, sea playing and laughter;
Loving you seemed so perfect,
Like Happily Ever After!

Our constant San Miguel goggles,
Made it seem like real love anyway,
It didn’t last long enough though,
Broke my heart we couldn’t stay!

And now we’re back at home,
Our gorgeous tans are peeling;
Hung over, back to work blues,
Is all we’re bloody feeling!

Smack bang back to reality,
Bills, wind, clouds and rain;
Our love’s just a distant memory,
Your kisses all washed down the drain!

But when I hear our favourite song,
My heart still skips a beat;
Want to meet up for love next year,
In Paris, Rome or Crete?!

Could meet for love in London,
But it won’t be very warm;
We won’t look the same all pale,
And it’s nothing like Benidorm!

We might find we’ve nowt** in common;
Get bored in just one minute;
We’d best say “goodbye” now;
With our hearts still truly in it!

Otherwise we’ll always wish,
We’d left it at that last dance;
Romantic, evermore in memory,
As a true love holiday romance!

* ‘Larging it’ - British for boisterously
having a good time whilst intoxicated

** Yorkshire for ‘nothing’.

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