Love Poetry Uniquely Personalised by 2 Keep Forever Personalized Poems ~ Original Free Poem About Real True Love 4 U ~

We've heard songs about it,

Seen it in the movies, seen it on TV,
Read about it in self help books,
But what about some for me?!

Real love is what we want and need,
To be cared for no matter what;
Even when we've done bad things,
Got too drunk or smoked too much pot!

Real Love is caring that others are happy,
Without any thought for 'Me';
Not just 'loving' for what you can get,
A favour, a gift or a fee!

There's no fulfilment in a love that's paid for,
Conditional on what we say or do;
It soon disappears if we shout off our mouths,
Or do a wrong thing or two!

The love we seek is unconditional,
It's nowhere to be found it seems;
Emotionally drained from our never-ending search,
We feel like giving up on our dreams!

Real love has the power to right all wrongs,
Other 'love' is just imitation;
True love is a love that never harms,
Not some crap game show consolation!

When we make mistakes and still are loved,
If we don't do what a person requires;
Irritate them constantly,
And never fulfil their desires..

If we always leave the top off the toothpaste,
Wear inappropriate clothes;
Arrive at a very posh dinner,
With snot dangling from our nose..

If someone still loved us after all that,
Then maybe that would be it;
But sadly, in the real world,
We'd more likely get strife and shit!

We all want to feel we're loved,
Is this just a hopeless fantasy?
We go to great lengths to achieve it,
But it's only conditionally!

Real love is in the realm of saints,
Deities are made of the stuff;
Angels, Messiahs, God, Jah or Allah,
They always have enough!

We can't expect fellow humans,
To love like the gods themselves love;
But we can get a good enough version,
With a little bit of help from above!

If you simply believe in love,
Then real love will flow through you;
So open your minds and open your hearts,
Get in touch with the love that's true! xxx

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