Original Personalized Wedding Poetry 4 The Father of the Bride's Speech

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Well here we all are on this special day,
At the wedding of my daughter Fleur;
Finally Tom the butcher's son,
Has made an honest woman of her!

I could tell lots of embarrassing tales about Fleur,
But I think that might be a bit mean,
Especially, as my wife tells me,
Red cheeks clash with that shade of green!

I did have very high hopes for Fleur,
And now she is Mrs Plunket;
I've lost a daughter to a family of butchers,
But I've gained fresh steak when I want it!

Tom's not a bad golfer either,
And good company down the Wheatsheaf;
When he asked for my blessing I thought for a sec,
Then remembered all the tasty free beef!

So of course I said yes, but on one condition,
He takes me to the pub every Sunday;
I need to get lots of practice in,
So I can beat him at dominoes one day!

I am really proud of Fleur today,
She's so strikingly beautiful and clever;
Tom's an extremely lucky fellow indeed,
But he'll now be more skint than ever!

For Fleur has got very expensive tastes,
Particularly in Italian shoes,
Thank God for their marriage, I'll save lots of money,
And afford lots more golf and booze!

We're overjoyed to see them tie the knot,
Me and Moira my wonderful wife;
To see them get married, on this summer's day,
In the fine town of Glenrothes, Fife!
So three cheers for Tom and Charlotte,
Hip hip, hip hip, hooray!
All raise your glasses in a toast,
To celebrate their wedding day!

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