love poems for him her poetry poem

A love poem for from 2 Keep Forever Love Poems

They say all’s fair in love and war, But why does love have to sting?
It’s true, love really can hurt, When you fall for the internet King!

I love google with all my heart, Work all hours under the sun,
With my greatest SEO efforts, To get this love page to page 1!

Page 1 spots for ‘love poems, For him’, ‘love poems for her’;
That’s all I’m asking this Jan, Not diamonds or a fur!

At the time of writing this, I’m page one, number nine,
For the phrase ‘love poems for him’, For now that will do fine!

Hope I don’t get the elbow, Shoved back down to page 2,
Not enough lovers look there, They’ve too much else to do!

For the phrase ‘love poems for her’, I’ve been on page 2 for a while
But hope to make a comeback, Return to page 1 in style!

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I beg of you Google my love,
Rather than hit me where it hurts, Let me soar in the pages above!

I do love your algorithms, But they’re so unpredictable,
When you send me to page fifty, It’s almost unbearable!

You mess me about all the time, Your love’s so conditional!
I’m a nervous wreck ‘cause of you, But you’re still irresistible!

SEO is my greatest addiction, But the side effects leave me reeling,
Don’t know where I am with google, Page hundred or hitting the ceiling!

Hope you’ll give me a chance google, As the 14th of Feb’s in sight;
Display to the world my love poems, Up page 1 let me take flight!

Google, you know you love me, You might as well fall at my feet
Reward my hard work with a number 1 spot, For love poems I can’t be beat!

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